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" May it forever be recorded in the history of the written word, that Dr. Larry is an excellent practitioner of the art of Dentistry. He and His EXCELLENT staff approach dental care with compassion, understanding and cutting edge technology resulting in common sense practicality for his patients. He is the first Dentist that I have had work on me that didn't require copious amounts of pain medication due to the brutaility of calloused hands and cold hearts so often found in healthcare these days. I recommend him for any and every patient in need of great dental care. He even manages to include a song or two while working diligently to correct dental problems. I have yet to decided if he's captivating or takes advantage of the captive audience to practice his second career choice....humming while he works. Either way it grows on you.... It's good to see a person so happy with life, career, God and his place in the world.

---Stephen Singleton NREMT-P
March 27, 2012

" I have been visiting Larry and Kathy's dental office for almost 20 years. Yes, I'm a big chicken. But they are always interested in my well being. Professonal, personal and quality service.

---Greg Moore
January 31, 2012

" When I was a child, you only went to the dentist when there was a problem, so it made it a bad experience. Since I started seeing Dr. Larry, I’m never afraid to go to the dentist anymore. It’s just another day.

---Debbie Lucas
January 26, 2012

" I walked in smiling, and I walked out smiling. It is unbelievable how I can eat and chew.

---Van Broughton
(after mini-dental implant procedure)
January 24, 2012

“I’m smiling a lot more than I ever have.”

---Nikki Cobb
(after getting her braces off) Age: 15
January 23, 2012

"There are men 'IN' medicine, who are in it for the money, the honor, or the prestige they obtain from it.
There are also men 'OF' medicine. For these, it is written on the tablet of their hearts. It is the nucleus of every atom of their being.
These men of medicine recognize one another as they navigate the beast of the medical machine, and for one another they have respect.
You, Dr. Larry, are one of these men of medicine."

---Stephen K. Singleton
October 6, 2011

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