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Continuing Education AND Teaching

Dr. Schoonover teaching 3M-ESPE mini dental implantsDr. Larry continues to study and has every intention of becoming a better dentist every year. (So far, so good).  Dr. Larry attends a seminar with the faculty of the University of North Carolina for one week every year.  There he studies prosthodontics and implants primarily, but also attends classes on surgery, root canals, practice management and other topics. (Prosthodontics is the practice of replacing missing teeth using partial and complete dentures, implants, and bridges.)

Dr Schoonover is also involved in giving seminars across the country on 3M-ESPE MINI DENTAL IMPLANTS.  Dr. Larry is a particular enthusiast for these mini-implants in that they are more economical than their full-sized counterparts, and they can be placed and used in a remarkably short time. After their very simple placement, healing is very fast. Dr. Larry has been using these in his practice since 2005.  Additionally, 3M-ESPE implants are the very same ones for which Dr. Larry has advocated research at WVU and UNC. Click here to read more about Dr. Larry's professional activities, research, and teaching activities.




Many of you have met one or more of Dr. Larry's children since they all worked in the Clendenin office during their middle school and high school years.  Kathy and Dr. Larry are constantly asked how the children are doing now that they are “out in the world.”  So, to update you on what they’ve done since that last family portrait in the reception room…

 L.T. continues to excel in the radio industry after getting his degree from WVU in Management Information Systems.  He manages a radio station, handles their information technology, and is the morning personality on a drive time show each day.  He pranks his parents occasionally by calling us and “forgetting” to mention that he is on the radio live.  L.T. has blessed Kathy and Dr. Larry with two fine grandsons, Landon and Noah.  His new love, Mercedes, is pursuing a degree in Nursing.  They have 2 dogs, Mocha and Luna.

Britni has completed her M.D. degree at Vanderbilt University, and has entered their Head and Neck Surgery and Otolaryngology residency.  She will become an E.N.T. specialist.  She is married to Mark, the college sweetheart she met at WVU.  Mark is pursuing his Master’s degree in engineering.  They rescued a dog, Bennet, and also have a cat, Dini. 

Wes completed his Bachelors Degree at WVU, and is in Veterinarian School at the University of Georgia.  He particularly enjoys veterinary surgery. He is engaged to marry his high school sweetheart, Ciera, who is pursuing her Master’s degree in social work and psychology.  They have a cat, Jasper.  Wes loves video games and all sports.  Some of you remember him as the one who used to mow your lawn.

Kirsten is continuing her studies at WVU in Psychology and Japanese language.  She still enjoys photography and has a particular fondness for classics, such as antiques, older music, traditional Japanese cuisine, and family history.  Kirsten and Britni enjoyed a trip to Guatamala together during 2011, and the trip helped them both to realize how fortunate we are to live in the USA.  Kirsten loves coffee, and has a weakness for Starbucks.  She enjoys college life, and always wears a smile.

A True WVU Mountaineer

Dr. Larry is a great fan of West Virginia University, and is very excited about the development of the school’s athletic, academic, and business functions.  He, his wife, and all four children have attended WVU, and they all attend as many of the school’s functions as schedules permit.  There are no prouder Mountaineers! 

As a side note, WVU Football has achieved success in 3 of the 4 BCS bowls, and has set records for highest score in a quarter, a half, or a game.  The most recent accomplishment was the outstanding win of the Orange Bowl by WVU over Clemson.  It was a rout!!!  We are proud of our team, our coach, our band, and our fans!

West Virginia Mountaineer Dana Hulgerson   West Virginia Mountaineer Dana Hulgerson
Photos by the Daily Athenaeum


Beach Bum...

Dr. Larry and his family try to get together every year at the beach! Isn't it great fun to play in the water and soak some rays? Sunsets and sunrises are always spectacular, and some of the storms are so very cool. Walking along the beach barefoot  (or in flip flops... ;-) looking for seashells and enjoying the fresh air and exercise is just the greatest. But be careful..take the SPF sunscreen. It always pays to be safe......and SMILE.

Dr. Schoonover Realxing by the Beach    Dr. Schoonover Realxing by the Beach

And he caught one THIS big.... and here's proof!

Dr Larry goes fishingLast August Dr. Larry was blessed to be invited by two great friends to go fishing.  Steve Shimota, a 3M Regional Implant Specialist, and Dr. Kyle Edlunds, a great dentist in northern Minnesota, and owner of Woodbury Dental Center were his hosts.  It was an awesome day. 

The walleye and smallmoth bass were cooperative, and oh, so tasty.  Even the bald eagles came by to visit.  He is literally "hooked" on fishing!   The boundary waters are some beautiful lakes!!! 

Motorcycle Mania

Motorcycle Dentist!You might not realize that Dr. Larry has always enjoyed motorcycles. During 2007 he obtained his current bike, a Suzuki Marauder 805cc. He loves to take it for rides among the beautiful scenic roadways of WV. The curves, the mountains, the rivers and streams...heck, what is not to love?


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